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I am an Accredited Practioner in Coaching (ACP) and member of International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring who are the recognised body for coaching standards.  I have trained in the UK and Australia and have gained experience in expertise in both holistic methods of counselling as well as transformational coaching. My skillset allows me to use the best method to cause the desired results.

I made the choice to become a relationship coach about 7 years ago, as I love to help and make a difference to people, and have always been somebody people are naturally drawn to when they've had relationship problems or challenges. The commitment I always have to my clients is to give them the clarity, support, safety and emotional intelligence to help them tune in to their own inner guide, and to give them the tools to handle future challenges with ease. If you feel good from within it gives you a certain radiance that is very attractive.

I am an expert in the field of transformational coaching and have over 2,000 hours experience of coaching both men and women in all areas of life. I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and was trained by Curly Martin who is International Head of Standards and Ethics for the International Institute of Coaching.

My purpose is to support people to heal from the past and help them to achieve emotional balance and wellbeing so they glow from the inside out, and are free to live a life they love.

Hi I'm Jenny