How to change what you magnetise

Most people look outside of themselves to make changes to their life, and then wonder why the same scenario keeps playing out. The place to change is within you. After all, what shows up outside in your life is the result of something, an action or a conversation which comes from within you.

Occasionally miracles occur but these normally come to you if you’re open to them. People resign themselves to a certain life and think it’s not possible to change, so they start to get comfortable and settle in around who they know themselves to be. They create an identity which is normally based on their surroundings, friends, family, job etc.

A great deal of human behaviour is unconscious. By bringing this behaviour to conscious awareness and becoming the observer of your life and your patterns you are able to make choices and change your behaviour to yield different results. The first step is to recognise and catch yourself when you are being a certain way that isn’t what you are committed to, or is going to give you the future you want.

You may want to start to look at the results in your life that aren’t aligned with what you want, and start to catch yourself when you respond a certain way.

The context of the relationship and what we believe will determine the outcome.