Be aware of what you radiate out to the world

It is likely that at some point you have met or seen a radiant woman. Without even speaking she exudes an energy that almost looks like its glowing. Her eyes sparkle and she looks very alive. How you feel within determines how you physically look.

A while back I was having dinner and drinks with a girlfriend and we were having a great night. I said to her, you look so happy and sparkling right now I’m going to grab my camera and take a picture. In the time it took me to get my camera I could see her face changing in front of my eyes. In her mind she believed she wasn’t photogenic so she actually unconsciously told herself she wasn’t photogenic and her face literally transformed. All of the sparkling energy left her face and she looked flat and like the soul in her eyes had disappeared.

This is an example of how your inner beliefs effect what you radiate out and what other people pick up on. If you have negative thoughts and sabotage yourself in your mind no matter what front you’re putting across, many people will be able to sense it. It’s like in nature. Animals can sense fear. 

Despite what it is you think you want, if you are coming from a place of fear and lack within you, and are looking for somebody to fill that, the opposite sex will sense it. This need is based on past experience and fear. When we are born we are pure, and over the years many experiences happen to us, we make decisions and then we govern our lives based on those decisions, thinking such things as ‘I’ll never go there again’, or ‘I’m never going to expose myself again’.

It is likely, unless you have cleared and transformed them that you will take all of those decisions and experiences with you into future relationships, and regardless of the new person you meet, you view them through the eyes of your past experiences, which in many circumstances, regardless of the other person means the relationship doesn’t stand a chance.