Relationship Coach - Supporting individuals and couples to have happy lives and relationships...

Hi, my name is Jenny White and I am an award winning, Internationally accredited Relationship Coach based in Bath and Bristol. 

I work mainly on recommendations and have always had the theory that if I do great work and make a massive difference to clients, they will naturally talk positively about my work, and in the process other people will also notice a difference. 

  • Are you fed up of being single and having dead end relationships? 
  • Have you had a negative relationship in the past that you're still suffering from? 
  • Are you struggling to get over a past break up and move on? 
  • Are you unhappy in a marriage or relationship? 

Please call me now on 07802 879527 if you feel you need support, or click the link below to email me...

I always offer an initial 30 minute consultation so you can get a feel for me and my work, as when appointing a coach it's important that you connect and feel safe & comfortable.

Jenny White, Relationship Coach

Jenny White, Relationship Coach

Results some of my clients have achieved (in their words);

-       "For the first time in 20 years I feel at peace with myself."

-     "Some people have a very special gift. Jenny was mine. Without her I wouldn’t be                where I am today."

-     "One year on and I am now engaged and planning my future and family."

-     "With Jenny's help I gradually built myself up to create a stronger me."

-     "Jenny is an incredible coach with penetrating powers of analysis, motivation and                        resolution."

-     "Jenny has a real gift and talent, with an empathy that can be rare to find in a coach."

-     "Jenny has given me a peace and freedom I didn't have before. I have lost 6kg/1stone       and I look and feel great."

-     "My life has literally transformed in front of my very eyes."

-     "As a result of the coaching I feel more solid, positive and clear and more able to live          in the moment."